EFFICIENT complete line of metallic filters for various esidential. Commercial and Industrial appliacations. These are available in a wide range of standard.

Special and custom size, designs and shapes to meet vertually every air filteration requirement.


Aluminium filter media

Galvanized Steel frame

(Aluminium frame Optional)


Synthetic Filter media

Galvanized Steel frame

(Aluminium frame Optional)


- Frame: 24G Galvanized steel or 24G Aluminium (optional).

- Filter Media: Aluminum Mesh or Synthetic media as per customer requirement.

- Min. Size: 4 inch X 4 inch (100 mm X 100 mm)

- Max. Size: Multiple section - unlimited.

Product Features:

- Versatility and consistant performance in air intake and extact application.

- Stong ducted Casing & excellent filteration.

- Sturdy frame GI/Aluminium with aluminium filter media or synthetic filter media.

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